Friday, November 21, 2008

My neighbor's card crank was a success!

It's been almost two weeks, but we had so much fun during Cheryl's Christmas card crank. There were 7 women and 4 designs, three cards each! I used two cards that I had already designed for the shoeboxes the week before and just cut more cs to make sure there was enough for everyone. Then I designed two more cards and cut the cs.
I ALWAYS forget something major when I do a workshop or class. That night was no different. I had wanted to show embossing, but forgot the sparkly powder, so we just used Dazzling Diamonds and the two-way glue pen. Worked great!

The three things I forgot or couldn't find in time for it to be used, so the same as being forgotten: dimensionals, the embossing powder and envelopes.
Yep, envelopes.
Ok, no problem, I just dropped them off a few days later.

Related, but non-stamping related story: Mitch was outside in the garage processing some apples. He said he needed about 10 minutes to finish up and clean up some. Ok, no problem, she lives next door.
He comes in and says he has a problem. Yep, about an inch wide and 1/4" deep gash on his finger problem. He was reaching in for the last apples and sliced his finger on a knife. What surprised me the most was that the knife was sharp enough to slice, not that he cut himself. Actually, this was the first time he cut himself all summer doing tomatoes and apples.
He should have gone to the ER but said all he needed was some bandaids and Neosporin. I think he added some apple wine to the prescription while I was gone, but who's to say? In the morning, he went to Urgent Care cause it hurt so badly. Learned something new---they can't stitch up a cut once it's been 8-12 hours. Uh, so they gave him some sticky strips to hold it together and directions to keep it as dry as possible.
It's been almost two weeks and he still has a fairly good gash, but it's beginning to close up a bit.

Ok, so we were trauma-free for a few days. Then on Tuesday night the kids were playing nicely in their room when R came screaming out saying that B lost his tooth. Here comes B all gushing and carrying on. Yep, there's a hole where his little tooth used to be.

Here's the story we got: The three were playing in their room. B was on the bed, the girls were on the other side of the room. B had a blanket in his mouth and he yanked on the blanket and the tooth just flew out.
Here's the story we believe actually happened: all the above is true, up until the part of B's tooth just flying out on it's own. We believe that B had the blanket in his mouth. We believe that B was pulling on the blanket. However, we also believe that the girls were playing tug of war with the blanket from the other side of the room, hence the tooth flying out.
We searched the room for 1/2 hour to no avail. It's still MIA. Having learned a lesson from R hiding her 1st tooth from the TF, the TF has since begun the rule of "No tooth, no money." So R wrote the Tooth Fairy a note so B wouldn't lose out on his 1st baby tooth money. Again, this speaks to R's guilt in the blanket situation.
Since the Tooth Fairy was drunk after a hockey game the first time she came to our house (thankfully she has a reliable assistant and designated driver!) and didn't have much cash on hand after paying the babysitter, 1st baby teeth go for $10.00. That's right, $10.00!
The Tooth Fairy's assistant has since sent us a note stating that subsequent teeth are worth much less.

This was the original idea for a shoebox card. However, the one we actually made has a More Mustard base, a B Burgandy mat, cream ribbon, and a different greeting since I am currently missing my HT stamp. We made this during this month's stamping playdate. Shannon, Stacey and Beth all made it over in the morning. Joanna came in the afternoon. Since everything was out and it's cold in my craft loft, I made up some of the card kits the other night while Mitch watched the game. I tied a few up with some ribbon and took them over to Lynn's today for our playdate.

Ok, I think that's enough for today. Whew!