Friday, November 21, 2008

My neighbor's card crank was a success!

It's been almost two weeks, but we had so much fun during Cheryl's Christmas card crank. There were 7 women and 4 designs, three cards each! I used two cards that I had already designed for the shoeboxes the week before and just cut more cs to make sure there was enough for everyone. Then I designed two more cards and cut the cs.
I ALWAYS forget something major when I do a workshop or class. That night was no different. I had wanted to show embossing, but forgot the sparkly powder, so we just used Dazzling Diamonds and the two-way glue pen. Worked great!

The three things I forgot or couldn't find in time for it to be used, so the same as being forgotten: dimensionals, the embossing powder and envelopes.
Yep, envelopes.
Ok, no problem, I just dropped them off a few days later.

Related, but non-stamping related story: Mitch was outside in the garage processing some apples. He said he needed about 10 minutes to finish up and clean up some. Ok, no problem, she lives next door.
He comes in and says he has a problem. Yep, about an inch wide and 1/4" deep gash on his finger problem. He was reaching in for the last apples and sliced his finger on a knife. What surprised me the most was that the knife was sharp enough to slice, not that he cut himself. Actually, this was the first time he cut himself all summer doing tomatoes and apples.
He should have gone to the ER but said all he needed was some bandaids and Neosporin. I think he added some apple wine to the prescription while I was gone, but who's to say? In the morning, he went to Urgent Care cause it hurt so badly. Learned something new---they can't stitch up a cut once it's been 8-12 hours. Uh, so they gave him some sticky strips to hold it together and directions to keep it as dry as possible.
It's been almost two weeks and he still has a fairly good gash, but it's beginning to close up a bit.

Ok, so we were trauma-free for a few days. Then on Tuesday night the kids were playing nicely in their room when R came screaming out saying that B lost his tooth. Here comes B all gushing and carrying on. Yep, there's a hole where his little tooth used to be.

Here's the story we got: The three were playing in their room. B was on the bed, the girls were on the other side of the room. B had a blanket in his mouth and he yanked on the blanket and the tooth just flew out.
Here's the story we believe actually happened: all the above is true, up until the part of B's tooth just flying out on it's own. We believe that B had the blanket in his mouth. We believe that B was pulling on the blanket. However, we also believe that the girls were playing tug of war with the blanket from the other side of the room, hence the tooth flying out.
We searched the room for 1/2 hour to no avail. It's still MIA. Having learned a lesson from R hiding her 1st tooth from the TF, the TF has since begun the rule of "No tooth, no money." So R wrote the Tooth Fairy a note so B wouldn't lose out on his 1st baby tooth money. Again, this speaks to R's guilt in the blanket situation.
Since the Tooth Fairy was drunk after a hockey game the first time she came to our house (thankfully she has a reliable assistant and designated driver!) and didn't have much cash on hand after paying the babysitter, 1st baby teeth go for $10.00. That's right, $10.00!
The Tooth Fairy's assistant has since sent us a note stating that subsequent teeth are worth much less.

This was the original idea for a shoebox card. However, the one we actually made has a More Mustard base, a B Burgandy mat, cream ribbon, and a different greeting since I am currently missing my HT stamp. We made this during this month's stamping playdate. Shannon, Stacey and Beth all made it over in the morning. Joanna came in the afternoon. Since everything was out and it's cold in my craft loft, I made up some of the card kits the other night while Mitch watched the game. I tied a few up with some ribbon and took them over to Lynn's today for our playdate.

Ok, I think that's enough for today. Whew!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Really----I've been here

Whoa, where has the time gone?
I seem to say that quite a bit lately. The days seem to speed by faster and faster. If the time goes this quickly now, how am I going to stay with it as I get older?
Anyway, I've been working on projects and I finally got them uploaded from my camera.
Let's see if I can catch up a bit. Here are some cookie cutter tags I made up last year for the kid's classes. The teachers requested no candy treats, so this is what I made up---the night before, of course!
We also made these at this month's Stampin' Playdate. The kids were able to choose their background cs, stamp on the image and put it all together. Super cute and quick
I participated in a PIF military spouse thank-you swap earlier this summer. I made this card folio with some cards to send to the lady I was assigned.

This is really quite easy to put together. It takes 6 12x12 sheets of cardstock. Score and fold at 4 inches. Rotate and score at 6". Fold up the 4" score, then turn over and fold in half. Using this cool binding tool I picked up at Staples a few years ago, punch each sheet. Stack all the punched sheets and add binding, close. Voila! Quick and easy project for a thoughtful gift.
Here are the examples for October's technique class. The focus was on glossy paper, so I did Wax paper resist and Polished Stone.

I also began a new program during my PMS Nights. I had a workshop for Shannon in early October and I got a great idea from one of the ladies (HI Helen!) to offer kits to make up the cards. Helen wanted to make cards, but she didn't have alot of supplies or money to order much. So I took the idea and made up 10 cards and the tag for the cookie cutters.

Shannon came over for the Stampin' Playdate and helped me work out the kinks in the boxes. I tried really hard not to use supplies on more than one card. However, I love my punches and dulpicated a few punches on two cards. Shannon said that people would just work that out, so I didn't stress over it. It worked out well. $1.50 a card with envelopes.
I'm going to be offering this as a class in November and December for holiday cards. That one will be a sign-up and prepay class, so I can make up the kits beforehand.

Here's another project I made up using directions found on SCS in the Resources section.

This advent calendar was made as a wedding shower gift for a good family friend. I wanted to make her something, but I did have a gift card in reserve if I didn't get it finished!

This uses a ton of supplies:
16x20" artist canvas
wedding favor tins from M's, JAs or Walmart
sticky strip, lots of sticky strip!
colored and patterned cardstock
punches, Scallop, 1 3/8" circle, 1 1/4" circle, 5-petal flower
jumbo eyelets and crop-a-dile
alphabet and numbers (Quirky, retired)
choc chip, old olive and real red craft ink
clear embossing powder

I've been asked to do this as a class and if I was selling these. Honestly, with all the additional supplies, I'm not sure it would be cost-effective! But I'm pricing it out.

I'm off for a bit. I have more to post later!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am absolutely stoked over the partnership of SU! and Sizzix!

Yesterday the Fall/Winter IBC went live at 12:00pm MT. I love this catty! I love that SU! is carrying the BIG SHOT with exclusive dies!
My first order should be here later this week or Monday.
I've been planning my class schedule so I can have them printed off for my vendor table this Friday. The coordinator for the event said they expect 300 people! I'm not sure I'll have enough brochures and catalogs! But I'll try!

Here are the classes/events I have scheduled so far (that I remember without my calendar!):
Sept. 14 PMS Night at Donato's on Norton Rd 5-10pm
Sept. 17 Stamping Playdate at my house 9-11am
Sept. 17 Bunches of Punches---Punch art my House 7pm
Sept. 22 Sept. Scrapbooking class at my house 7pm

Also on the calendar is the 60 cards from a Simply Scrappin' Kit, probably in October. We'll be using the new Holiday kit. Wrap up the holidays class: Gift wrapping, focusing on the holidays, but also ways to inexpensively gift wrap all year long.

I'm trying a new type of party. It's called a Tag Party. What makes this so interesting is each person invited tags a friend to bring along. I'm thinking there will be prizes for those who bring the most people tagged, for the taggee that traveled the farthest, mother-daughter tags....well, you get the idea. Of course we'll be making tags. Lots and lots of tags! This will be sometime in November, I think.

I have to decide if I'm going to try any craft shows this year. I might try to get into one near my mom's house that is really big every year.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Whew! Convention updates....

Whew....I'm finally feeling like I'm catching up from Convention. First off, it was awesome!
I had a non-stop flight to Salt Lake City. The flight was uneventful until we came to the mountains. There were several moments that I had to remind myself to breathe! We landed safely and I made my way to my hotel. I finally hooked up with my roommates (One of the same ladies I roomed with last year) and the other three. Wednesday morning I was awake at 5:15! So when another roommate began moving around, I headed down to the gym and had a great workout. It helped level things off for me and I had a ton of energy for the day.

We got dressed and headed to the Convention Center to pick up our bags. First thing---find a seat and look at the new catalog!

Wow! It is incredible. I can't wait to show it off this year. I had a few organized swaps to do, so we wandered around a bit beforehand.

Thursday opened with General Session. It is so difficult to describe the energy and excitement. I found this clip on YouTube. Coincidentally, I'm in the row right behind the stroller across the aisle from this lady who shot the video.
This is just a small glimpse of the amazing energy and the sheer number of people at Convention. Roughly 6,000 demonstrators!

Here are the announcements/demonstrations from Thursday:
Style Watch: Sweet Bella
Under the Stars demo (set will be included in the Never BeforeSeen 15% off promo)

Decor Elements Phase 2: Ginormous Flowers

Colors in So Saffron, Pixie Pink, Choc Chip and Gable Green

Nursery Necessities in Choc Chip---sorry no pictures.

Chills and Thrills Rub-on's
Advent Calendar

The break-out classes were really good this year. Classes focused on every aspect of Stampin' Up!, whether you are a business demo or hobby demo or demo in between.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

25% off Selected Retiring Accessories

For the first time ever, SU! is posting a discount on some retiring accessories.

Item # Pg. # Description Regular Price 25% Off Price
109117 167 Pocket Notes assortment $9.95 $7.46
110479 168 Jersey Shore Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
110699 168 East Coast Prep Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
109159 169 Flowers For You Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
110273 169 Spring Fling Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
110748 170 Notebook Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
109153 170 Porcelain Prints Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
110751 171 Azure Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
109164 171 River Rock Prints Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
109175 171 Almost Amethyst Prints Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
109168 171 Groovy Guava Prints Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
109169 171 Close to Cocoa Prints Designer Series paper $9.95 $7.46
110284 182 Eastern Elegance Rub-Ons $10.95 $8.21
110285 182 Urban West Rub-Ons $10.95 $8.21
110281 182 Cherished Memories Rub-Ons $10.95 $8.21
109185 190 Jersey Ribbon Originals $12.95 $9.71
109187 190 District Ribbon Originals $12.95 $9.71
109189 190 Beachfront Ribbon Originals $12.95 $9.71
110716 191 Wild Wasabi striped grosgrain ribbon $7.95 $5.96
109062 191 River Rock double-stitched grosgrain ribbon $8.95 $6.71

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A quick update

Ok, so it's July 17th and I haven't posted in over two weeks. It's not that I haven't had things to post--I've been stamping whenever I have a chance. Everytime I go to upload my pictures, the cord to the camera is missing (aka with Mitch at work).

So no pictures right now, but I'll give a quick run down of what I've accomplished the past two weeks.

****One set of Card Candy for Convention (11)
****Both sets of Technique cardfronts (11 each)
****6x6 2-page spread for Convention pictures (11)
****6x6 2-page spread for any occasion (11)
****one set of Christmas cardfronts (11)
****Reagan's name frame for her birthday
****cards for convention buddies/roommates (4)
****projects for Stamp club that focused on the different inks (3)
****PIF image card swap (2 sets, 6 each)

Designed and in various stages of completion:
****6x6 Technique swap for Brayered Sky (20)
****Card Candy (12)
****Over the Top Stamp Camp project/roommate gifts (6 plus 4)

Still need to design:
2 sets of Christmas cardfronts (11 each)

I'm really having a difficult time with the Christmas card ones. But once I figure them out, they will go together quickly. Much will be determined by the fact I've run out of Whisper White CS. I have two-plus packs of Very Vanilla so I'm fine on the cardstock, but it's a bit of a bite to not have WW.

If I have any time, I want to make up a name frame for my new niece that I"ll see for the first time right before I leave for Convention. I also would like to do up a frame of the kids' pictures for my mom's birthday--which is the same weekend as I'll see my niece.

We are heading to Toledo for the Gargac family backyard camp-out at my BIL's house July 25-27. I'm scheduled for jury duty on July 25. Mitch's birthday is July 28 and I leave July 29.

So my deadline for Convention stuff and gifts is a week from today. I forsee some really late nights. I've been getting up when Mitch leaves for work so I have a few hours before the kids wake up to stamp up stuff. Reagan is now old enough to turn on the TV for them so they are content if I'm not downstairs when they wake up. I've also told them that I'll be upstairs stamping any chance I get.

Keep me in your thoughts and send me good stamping vibes!

Monday, June 30, 2008

ACK! IT'S (almost) JULY 1ST!

Where has June gone? July is beginning to look a bit crazy between family stuff and getting ready for Convention.

Warning!!!! Here comes a serious whine: I've been called for Jury Duty here in Madison County for several dates in July and August. I was only excused for the date I'm in Salt Lake City. I guess being a SAHM with 3 kids under 7 isn't a good enough excuse for getting out of jury duty. My sister has graciously agreed to watch the kids on the days that I have to report. No matter when I get called, it's a pain. However, I have more people able to watch the kids for me during the summer than I do during the winter, so I'm counting on this to work. And I'm going to do everything I can to not be sat for a jury!

I got some exciting news the other day! My downline, Kim, will be back in Ohio for two weeks and we have set up a stamping get together! So excited to see her! I'm really looking forward to chatting with her and getting to know her a bit better. Emails are good, but aren't the same as face-to-face chats.

With tomorrow being July 1st, that means it's preview ordering time for SU! At midnight SU! time, the new catalog preview will be posted and demos will be able to order new stuff to get ready for the new catty debut! I'm stoked because I have two free sets to redeem that I've been hoarding, waiting for the preview! If there aren't any sets that I love in the preview, I have my backup sets that I've been wanting but haven't ordered from this current catty that will also be in the new one. I'm definetly getting an alphabet. I really like the Wild West Alpha, but Lovely Letters is really nice too---and a bit more versatile. It can also be used well with my Wanted and Brono Buster sets that I just LOVE!

So here's my (before I see the preview) order:
New In Color cs
2-3 ink pads for the In Colors
Double-stitch ribbon to match, at least one color
Night of Navy cs (I'm out and I seem to reach for this color for every swap I'm making!)
Silver brads (again, use these on almost every project I do!)
A new Designer Series Paper

PMS Night was this past Friday and the tech class was dry embossing. I'll post a picture when my batteries are recharged. We used the Carasol Notes from the Occassions mini.

Today is the last day to order any sets out of the Occassions mini. Today is also the last day to take advantage of 10% off any retiring stamp set special. Email or call me with your order today! Don't miss these great offers!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Group buys open now


Does your Stampin' Up! ® "Wish List" include the 48 Stampin' Write Markers with the storage case (pg. 183). Do you wonder how you can financially "swing it"?

Well, here's a way to get the full set of markers with the storage case plus cardstock in all 48 colors without hurting your monthly budget. Team up with three other stampers to form a Marker/Cardstock Club. Each of you will be the hostess each time we order (every month or every other month). We'll order the complete set of markers with the storage case plus one package of 36 sheets of assorted cardstock from each of the color families. I will also throw in ½ pack of any neutral cardstock of your choice during your hostess month. Payment will be due to me by the 15th of each month, or a date everyone has agreed upon. The cost for each of you will be $46.50 for each month. If you choose to gather outside orders or schedule a workshop when it's your turn as hostess, you can get even more free merchandise.

The hostess of the month keeps the marker case, one set of markers with matching cardstock and, because the workshop meets the $150 minimum, also receives the usual hostess gifts. The other three members each get a set of markers with matching set of cardstock. At the end of four months, each member will have a complete set of markers with the storage case; three sheets of cardstock in each of the 48 colors (144 sheets), 20 sheets of neutral cardstock, a Level 1 stamp set and at least $15 in free merchandise.
$46.50 for 4 months
(Club by Mail option: add $4.85 each month)

2007-2008 In-Color Cardstock and Double-Stitched Ribbon Share
Purely Pomagranate River Rock
Blue Bayou Soft Sky
Wild Wasabi Groovy Guava

6 Sheets of cardstock for each color and approximately 3 yards of
In-Color Double-Stitched Ribbon

$27.50 for Mail option

1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon Share
Basic Black
Whisper White
Very Vanilla
Pumpkin Pie
More Mustard
Apricot Appeal
Pretty In Pink
Real Red
Bravo Burgundy
Elegant Eggplant
Night of Navy
Tempting Turquoise
Bashful Blue
Certainly Celery
Mellow Moss
Always Artichoke

Approx. 3 yards of each color listed.

$21.00 for Mail Option

Friday, June 13, 2008

JanTink's Spring/Summer Retirement List Predictions!

Disclaimer: I am not the original author of this list. Janine Tinkleburg of Michigan is the original author and she posted this list on SCS as part of the twice-yearly retirement list comes up.

JanTink's Amazing Retirement Prediction list does not constitute in any way, shape or form, a completely accurate list of what may retire at the end of the Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. Readers who base their purchases on what JanTink predicts may be in for a nasty shock and it will be their own fault, not JanTink's fault. JanTink only does this because people DEMAND it of her now...sometimes she wishes she'd never started! So don't blame her!Frankly, this was a pain to do because of the new "it has to last a year" thing. And I had to make sure to look at the dormant list to see what might go from there. But here it is, such as it is...have a blast!

Never-Ending Joy
Give Thanks
Peace to the World
Block Party
Festive Favorites
Eat Cake
Voila Accessories
Be Happy
Scatter Sunshine Wheel
Simply Said
Kindness Wheel
Dilly Dally
Dilly-Dally Party Wheel
Dilly-Dally Baby Wheel
Dilly-Dally Friends Wheel
Dare to be Darling
Greetings Galore
Tagger’s Dozen
Perennial Favorites
Artfully Asian
Take Three
Lily Pad Wheel
Whale Wishes
Here Kitty, Kitty
Yappy Day
Meow Wheel
Good Dog Wheel
Bugs & Kisses
Ahoy Matey
Matey’s Map Wheel
A Beautiful Thing
Seasonal Whimsy
Polka Dots & Paisleys
Polka Dots & Petals
Petals Wheel
Wild Rose
Beautiful Life
Just Like You
Basics Outline Wheel
Bud Basics
Ginormous Flowers
Doodle This
Doodle Wheel
So Much
Blossoms Abound
Noble Deer
On the Fly
Touch of Nature
Background Basics
All in a Row
So Happy
Big Pieces
Sweet Shapes
Dots are Hot
Carte Postale
Leaves a la Carte
Seeing Spots
Spot On Wheel
Office Accoutrement
Totally Tabs
Stamp of Authenticity
Sweet Sampler
French Flair
Print Pattern
Flower Friend
Amazing to Zany
A to Z Accents
It’s Your Birthday
Circle of Friendship
Wonderful Words
Curvy Verses
Well-Worn Alphabet
Well-Worn Numbers
Best Friends Alphabet Upper
Best Friends Alphabet Lower
Best Friends Numbers
Rough Edges Mini Alphabet
Glad Tidings
Haunting Halloween
Jolliest Time of the Year
Keep Christmas
Outlined for Fun
Summer by the Sea
Bright Bulbs Wheel
Arachnophobia Wheel

The official SU! stamp set retirement list will be posted on Sunday, June 15th! The initial release date was July 1, but demos asked for (and received!) and earlier release date. I'm stoked because it makes it easier for me to work on Convention swaps now and not wait till July 1 to begin!

Hosting a workshop or catalog show during the catalog retirement period is always good! Once the new catalog is released in August, the sets on the retirement list will only be found on Ebay and trade forums on stamping sites.

So, how close is your prediction list to JanTink's?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

PIF cards again

You think I like this layout?
It just happened this way. All PIF images were used. I have another sympathy card to send--the lighthouse card will take care of that. The other two are going to be used for graduation cards or something. I'm not really sure these fit grad cards, but I'll use them for something.
The lighthouse card uses SU! A light unto my Path. The paper is from a pack of CM paper that I found while going through stuff for our yard sale next weekend. It needed something and the photo corner was just the touch.
The other two cards are House Mouse images. Much easier to color than I had thought and was afraid of. I'm still not sure I like the mice, but it's a cute card.

MOPS end of the year stuff

Here is my first "real" commissioned piece! I hope that these fish work with her theme.

I used a white 8 1/2x11 frame, so the back piece is a full sheet of Ballet Blue. I rolled it using the See You Around jumbo wheel in Balley Blue to get a bubble effect.
I used my CM wave cutter to do the top wave and ran the bottom wave through my C'bug using Tiny Bubbles folder for the bottom wave. These are Brilliant Blue.
Stamped the Silly Sealife (retired) images, watercolored and cut them out. In my head the turtle was using the waterspout from the whale as a fountain.
Stamped Tyler is Wild Wasabi, layered on WWasabi and Brilliant Blue CS. These were popped up using dimensionals (like I wished I had done on Anna Marie's).
Carrie said she liked it---I hope that was the truth!

I made up some cute tiny treat boxes for the ladies at my table. Did I remember to bring them?

Used mostly non-su! paper, my favorite scallop punch for the patties and non-SU! flower brads that I've had forever!

The card if for my secret sister reveal. I figured she knew it was me cause I made her cards throughout the year. Used my new Time Well Spent hostess set that SU! sent to all demos back in December. Used a scrap of retired Paisley DSP, non-SU! flower brads and watercolor crayons! I'm totally loving those crayons now! I've used those more lately than my ink pads!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

To color or Not?

Mitch had softball Wednesday night, so I headed upstairs once the kids were in bed. My mission: Mother's Day cards.

The kids and I are heading up to Toledo to visit the in-laws. The plan is to gather for dinner to celebrate our friendships and being women---so it's for everyone, not just moms. So I needed cards that could fit anyone.

I choose to make "Thanks for being my friend" type cards.

Using all PIF images, I made 18 cards! That's right.....18!

Now, I still have to color the images, but the hard part of designing the card and layout is finished.

Now my question: Does this card need to be colored? Leave a comment and let me know.
Thanks for looking!

Christmas cards for Cards for Heroes

I took Kim and Alison's challenge and sent Mindy 69 Christmas cards today. 19 Christmas cards, along with many all-occasion cards, were already promised, so I made up 50 more for their challenges.
I kept it pretty simple, with minimal layers. I had a package of 50 pre-scored invitations that you can run through the computer. The original plan was to make party invitations with these, but we never did. Following my current mantra of "USE WHAT YOU HAVE", these became the base for my cards. Envelopes were even included!

Sidekick Sayings (2007 hostess, retired. Real Red, Bashful Blue, WW, Dashing designer paper (retired). Black Ink, markers. D'Vine Swirls Embossing Folder.

Big on Christmas. Red or Blue CS, White. Black ink, watercolor pencils. D'Vine Embossing folder.

Gotta love Frosty. He's been around forever, but he makes great cards!
Frosty (retired). Bashful Blue, Real Red, WW CS. Black ink. D'Vine Swirls Embossing folder.

This one is one of my favorites and I didn't stamp it! Yep. That's right. Another PIF image. I received 6, so I made up all 6. I really like how this turned out. Since I'm out of this image, I'll be watching for this image again!

This amazing image is from Scenescapes. It's called The Old Mill.
I used my pastel chalks to add some color to this image then stamped the sentiment in Night of Navy. Added a double mat, ticket punched the corners, added some eyelets and this card is finished.
Subtle but very striking!
I used non-SU paper and retired eyelets. Follow that mantra! (I's not SU! but it worked so well with this image!)

Mindy has pledged to have 1200 cards by the end of September. Those on the PIF thread are doing what we can to help.
I'll be hosting a card making party in June to help out with this awesome organization. As always, you are invited to make cards for any occasion. Drop them off at my house and I'll mail them to Mindy. If making the cards isn't your thing, then sponsor a mailing. Any amount is welcomed!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Card Challenge for you

Cards for Heroes is an organization that collects cards and sends them to our military personnel overseas. Some cards are sent to the service people themselves and some are sent blank, so that the service men and women can have something special to send back to their families! I think that this is a great cause!

I'm so thankful knowing there is an oganized group doing this. When Mitch left for Iraq I did a similar thing on a small, local level. I had many people make cards and give them to me to send over to Mitch while he was in Iraq.

My friend Mindy, who I met on the SCS PIF thread, is one of the volunteer mailers. Her goal is to collect 1200 Christmas cards! I'd like to help.

Here's the Challenge: SEND AS MANY CARDS, TO MY FRIEND MINDY YOUNG, AS YOU CAN. SEND THESE CARDS SO THEY ARRIVE IN MINDY'S HANDS ON OR BEFORE MAY16th, 2008. I WILL HAVE A RANDOM DRAW FOR THE BLOG CANDY ON MAY 17th. These can be card fronts that you make into cards or brand new cards you make or some of your old cards you keep in your stash. I do ask, that you only send cards that you would be proud to receive! Mindy's address can be found HERE.

Now, to make this even better, there are two ladies from the PIF thread offering blog candy if you send in the cards. Kim's deadline is May 12th and Alison's deadline is May 16th.

Check out Alison's blog NewStampinAddict for an awesome offering of blog candy. A set of Nestabilities!

Then mosey over to Kim's blog Impress Yourself She is also offering awesome blog candy----cardstock, stamps and Bella images!

If you send in cards for this challenge, make sure that you mark on or include a note inside the box/bag/envelope that the cards are for this challenge and put my name (Falconstamper) on the box/envelope/bag so Mindy knows you learned of this challenge through me. But don't forget to include which blog candy you're sending your cards in for also!

If you send in sets of 10 cards, your name will be entered into one of these blog candy challenges. Just make sure to write my name and which challenge your entering somewhere along with your cards.

Questions? Just ask! I'm off to get my box of cards ready. I made 30 over the weekend and went through my cardfronts and will make those into full cards to send in this week. If you get your cards to me by Friday morning (May 9th), I'll mail them for you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

My table --- as is!

It's blurry, but you get the idea.
The challenge on the PIF thread was to show your stamping area---as is!
So here you go.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PIF cards

Had to make a sympathy card the other night for Mitch's best buddy, whose father-in-law passed away suddenly last week.

This was an image I received from Michelle (JustPaintingAround) on the PIF thread a few weeks ago. This card took me very little time to put together because the stamping was done for me! All I had to do was match the cs to the ink and go from there.

Recipe: Sahara Sand, Mellow Moss, WW, Almost Amethyst DSP. Mellow Moss and Almost Amethyst markers. Photo corner punch, mini brads.

I also made a card for Brandon's birthday party on Saturday using To the Finish (retired) PIF image from Laurie (laurlynn). Again the card went together really quickly, but I forgot to take a pic before it went in the gift bag. I also used a PIFed CB background Dot and Spots from Diane (DLS881). I'll make some more and post those, so it will almost be the same.

Dad's Birthday

Dad drove up yesterday to spend his birthday hanging out with us. Being a man who doesn't really NEED anything, I decided to make him a name frame for his Husker room. He has been a huge Nebraska Husker fan forever. Getting him anything Husker is always a safe bet, so I went with a fairly safe gift but made it. Picked up a frame while at Wally's World getting a birthday gift for Brandon's little buddy.

Well, all was going well Sunday night while I made this, except I left the frame in the car. It was late and raining, so I decided to finish it before Dad got here yesterday. Of course that didn't work!

So here I am yesterday, trying to explain this frame to him holding the letters in a pile with an empty frame. Being a guy, he did the best he could to be excited. But being my dad, he made it sound like he was thankful.

Mitch went to bed alone again while I finished this up. I'm pretty happy with how well it turned out.

The frame had a thin mat for three pictures, so I trimmed the mat to have even sides. Using retired Cerise paper, I choose the least girly pattern and cut strips trying to match the pattern at the corners.

I had stamped, matted and trimmed the letters on Sunday. The longest part of the evening was cutting and mounting the tiny alphabet Rough Edges that I wanted to use for the frame. I pulled out my neglected Hodgepodge Harware to use some of the pieces. I have a hard time using these and I've used all the brads that match, so I had to find a different way to finish it off. A little ribbon doesn't make it too girly either.

Recipe: Headline Alpha (retired), Rough Edges. Cerise DSP (retired), Real Red, Black, WW CS. Real Red, Black ink. BOHO West Rub-ons, Hodgepodge hardware, black grosgrain ribbon.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two down, one to go

Still no cards or projects to show you today.

But I met with two of my three STs this morning at Panera. I got the paperwork I needed from them and gave them my stuff. I still have one rec letter to write, but I have all the finals written. Last year it was, like, June before I finally started this. This year the university gave supervisors a deadline for paperwork to be turned in.

Just a side proud mama note: C was with me, as usual. We were at Panera's for 1 1/2 hours and SHE WAS FABULOUS! Didn't fuss, didn't whine that she was bored. She was awesome. I just love that little one!

And I was on time to pick up the boy from PS.

Since I don't have any pictures, here's another blogger friend from the PIF thread. Stephanie has incredible talent!

Check her out and let her know that I sent you over.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Student teacher evaluations

No cards to post today. I've been finishing up my student teacher final observations. Of course being the Queen of Last Minute, I started working on these last night because I'm seeing my three tomorrow morning. So here's a run down of what I should have been working on the past few weeks instead of PIFing over on SCS:

***** The last written observation form for all three ---- completed
***** Final Evaluation Form based on 19 Praxis criteria --- finished all three (first hand-wrote these. Not very professional, so I redid all three in Word. Much better!)

**** Recommendation letters for all three----still to do.

Plenty of time! It's only 4:30! We're meeting tomorrow morning. Plenty of time!

Mama Robin still has eggs, no babies yet. If we're going to have babies, they should arrive this weekend.

So here are a few blogs of some ladies I've met on the PIF thread.

Check out Jada's (hobbywoman)
She has a clean style that I really like.

Pam has been creating these fabulous outfits and jewelry for little girls. Check out her blog

She has an ESTY shop also if you are interested in any of her outfits or jewelry sets.

Sandy is another wonderful PIF friend I've made lately. She has a wonderful clean style of stamping also.
Check out her blog here

I'll get some stamping done tonight. I have a sympathy card to make for Mitch's best bud whose father-in-law suddenly passed away earlier this week.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is very cool!

A robin made this nest on our electric meter while we were in Cincinnati a few weeks ago. Mitch was able to hook up a remote camera so the kids can watch the bird from inside the house.

Over the course of 4-5 days, she laid these eggs. Mitch did some research and found this out:
***Robins tend to lay 4 eggs, one egg a day.
*** Robins lay their eggs in the afternoon, rather than in the morning like other birds.
*** The mama rotates the eggs so the yolks don't stick to the inside of the shells.
*** If fertilized, the eggs will hatch in 10-14 days.

The meter is located by the garage. The kids and I have been trying to stay off the driveway so she doesn't stay off her eggs for too long. Of course, we have had the nicest weather this past week!

Hopefully, we will see some baby robins soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

PIF images used

Here are three cards I made last night using PIF images. I even used a Swiss Dots Cuttlebug piece that was a PIF. I've picked up my own Bug, but it was PIF night, so I used what had already been done.
I wanted to make a card for a PIF friend who fell last week and shattered her wrist in 12 places. I also wanted to make a card for my friend Steph, whose birthday is Friday. I think this will be the first year that I managed to get a card out to her BEFORE her birthday. The fact that I'm sending a card in the first place is an accomplishment!

The Moose You card took about 10 minutes to complete! That included cutting out the three hearts! Love that!

Riot of Petals, Black ink, Pretty in Pink, Purely Pom, White CS, Watercolor Crayons, aquapainter.
Sassy Suzy, black ink, Sahara Sand, Blue Bayou, Soft Sky Designer paper, white.
watercolor crayons.
Moose You, black and Real Red ink, Close to Cocoa, Pretty in Pink, white, Sahara Sand CS, Swiss Dots CB embossing folder.

The best part of these cards---they went together very quickly because I didn't have to think about placement. I had to work with what I had. Love it!

Thoughtful people make me smile

I received this wonderful card from Denise (peanutbee) as a thank-you for hosting Round 23 on the PIF thread.
I have been trying to send more cards to my friends just because. I always enjoy receiving cards, so I'm trying to do that for my friends.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been blog tagged! I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself then "tag" 7 other bloggers.

1. I met my husband in a bar the summer before my senior year at Bowling Green. I am eternally grateful to my friend Stephanie for that intro.

2. Since Mitch is a huge BGSU football fan, I have learned to like football also. I have been to every championship bowl game that BG has been to since 1992 : Las Vegas Bowl, 1992; Detroit Motor City Bowl, 2003; 2006 GMAC Bowl in Mobile, AL; 2007 GMAC Bowl in Mobile.

3. My family has a history of being teachers or attorneys. Grandparents were educators, Several aunts are teachers, my mother is a college administrator/professor, my sister is a teacher and I was a teacher before I stayed home with the kiddos. My father is an attorney and so is my youngest sister.

4. I'm not a very out-doorsy kind of gal, but I enjoy camping and working in the garden.

5. I have visited over 30 states and three countries.

6. I can live with an amazing amount of clutter, until I can't find anything.

7. I got into stamping three years ago when I joined SU! as a demonstrator. It's been the best thing I've done for myself because I've met some fabulous people and made some truly great friends!

I was tagged by Sandy. I met her through the PIF stamp image swap over on SCS. So I tagged ladies from that thread. Here are the blogs I've tagged so far:
Shanna's blog

Thursday, April 10, 2008

PMS Night Tech class samples

Here are two uber cute treat holders. We made the handled basket at Cindy's stamp club workshop. I also showed masking, which I showed at the last PMS Night tech class. Masking is a basic technique but it really is fun and adds a ton of dimension to your cards.
The treat box on the right will be featured at this month's PMS Night technique class.
I probably shouldn't show this picture because I gave my secret sister the Pinch Proof box for St. Patty's day. She probably knows it's me, so I'll post it anyway.
I used my favorite punch, the scallop. LOVE this punch. It is sooo versatile!
Recipe: Garden Whimsy. Cutie Pie DS, Wild Wasabi, Groovy Guava, WW, Purely Pomagranite CS. Purely Pom ink. Scallop, 1 3/8" circle, 1 1/4" circle, brads. Peppermint Patties.
Pinch Proof. Green Galore, WW CS. Green Galore ink. Scallop punch, acetate sheets (transparencies), bone folder.
PMS Night is April 18th at the Donato's on Norton Rd. Bring your projects to work on. Email or call if you want me to bring a specific punch or stamp set.

Hanging head in shame

Remember that box I sent to Kim for her first Open House. Well, it didn't go to Utah---it went to Nevada. Yes, that's right. She lives in Nevada.

How did I get Utah? Who knows. The only thing I can think of is that the Convention chatter has began and Convention is in Utah.

I know. It's a stretch.

Kim, I really do know my US geography!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Open House gift

I sent this to Kim, my new downline, who lives in Utah. I couldn't be at her Open House this past weekend, so I sent her a box of goodies to help her get her business started. I included cardfronts from various swaps that I made or received from other demos, various punches in different colors, half sheets of the In colors, punches from the 5-petal flower punch in the In Colors so she could showcase how great these colors are (plus this fabulous punch!), and a SU! money bag. Welcome, Kim!

Pinch Proof

These are two cards I made using Pinch Proof. Shannon brought it with her to the 60 card class, so I stamped up a bunch of images in various shades of green.

It turned out to be a really easy set to use. Shannon also had the brilliant idea of using this guy if you are a Notre Dame fan. Brilliant!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Date change for PMS Night

PMS Night was scheduled for this Friday, April 11.

It has been changed to April 18th. Donato's on Norton Rd. at 6:00. $7.00 for pizza, drinks and use of my stamps, inks and punches. $3.00 for optional technique class.

This month's class will feature Clear boxes, using acetate (clear transparency sheets). I'll also show you how to make the little treat box if you missed last month's Stamp Club meeting. See the SCS tutorial here

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tribute to the fallen

When I saw that SU! finally had a new patriotic set in the Spring/Summer Catalog, I knew that I would have to get it. Since I'm currently under a new stamp restriction (self-imposed so I can save money for Convention in SLC in July), I had to earn it using Hostess Benefits. Thankfully, I had a good response to the 60 card from a Simply Scrappin' Kit last month and was able to get this set for free. It has been a popular set to snag over on the PIF thread, so it's on my table all the time. When I learned that SSgt. Matt Maupin had been found in Iraq, I was incredibly sad. Mitch really took it hard; even knowing there was little hope of finding him still alive after almost 4 years. But until he was found, there was always hope. He had participated in or organized almost weekly missions while he was in Iraq looking for Matt, so he has been invested. When he went to bed early, I headed up to the loft to stamp some PIF's. I felt compelled to make this card for Mitch and I gave it to him as he was leaving for this week's Pride Conference in Cincinnati. I wanted the soldier to be the focus, so I didn't color in the flag. I punched out the key words from the sentiment with the word window and placed it on top of some other punched pieces so it would line up the way I wanted. And I was able to use mostly scraps, so that made me happy as well.

Recipe: The Free and the Brave. Kraft, Black, Night of Navy, Real Red, WWhite. Stazon black, WWhite Craft ink. Word window punch, Watercolor Crayons, blender pen.

Here are some pictures of a name frame that I made for Shannon's daughter. She won this during our annual MOPS silent auction last week. with Anna Marie's birthday this weekend, I needed to get a move on. Shannon had said that AM loved pink and blue, but she wanted something that would not be outgrown in a year or two. All but the flower brads are SU! Now that it's finished, I wish I had popped up the name letters on pop-dots. But I'm not going back and doing this since we are leaving for Cinci later today to see Mitch and the National Guard 88 car at the conference.

I added a bit of bling to the flowers with Dazzling Diamonds.

Recipe: Headline Alpha, Island Blossoms (both retired); Cutie Pie DS paper, Night of Navy, WWhite, Pretty in Pink, Lovey Lilac, Bashful Blue, Regal rose, So Saffron, Barely Banana CS and Inks, Dazzling Diamonds, Flower brads(non-SU!)

Even though I donated this to help raise money for MOPS, it my first commission piece. Whoo hoo! Crossing fingers for more to come in the future!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

© 2008 Stampin’ Up! 03/08
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maR 18 – aPR 30

Wow! That was easy!

Well. I did it, as you can see. I joined the blogging craze. I'm going to begin this blog assuming that those who will read it already know me a bit; so I won't go into huge detail about me right now.

I have been thinking of starting a blog for several years. I look back and think that it would have been cool to have one while Mitch was in Iraq. It would have been a great journal. I type faster-and neater- than I write, so a blog seems like the right fit. Since this will be mostly a stamping/papercrafting blog, it would have been cool to see how my style has changed and improved over the almost three years I've been stamping.
I went to my first Stampin' Up! party almost exactly three years ago. I had never really stamped before--just a few $1.00 stamps and ink pads from Meijers and Michael's. Well, I liked to think of myself as a scrapper, since I began scrapping after I had my oldest daughter. I had been looking for something to do from home that involved scrapbooking and had been researching various companies. I went to this SU! party thinking I would only purchase the stamp scrubber and mist. Well, I got the scrubber and mist and a stamp set, Sincere Saluations, that was being sneaked peaked for the upcoming catalog. During the party, I pretty much decided I would join, so I thought this would be a good set to get. (I still LOVE this set and use it all the time!) I signed up and officially became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator on April 4th. So this blog is kind of like an anniversary present to myself. I wasn't sure I would last this long. I said I would stay with being a demo as long as I was having fun.

I made this card while on vacation in South Carolina. I took my big rolling bag with me so I could stamp during down times. I had several PIF's to stamp and a gift certificate to make, so I packed accordingly. I also knew that I would have time during naps and at night to play with my new punches.

Here's the recipe: Calendar, Hug and Wishes. Whisper White, Real Red, Taken with Teal, Soft Sky, Blue Bayou CS. Stazon Timber Brown (retired). Large and small star punches, Dazzling Diamonds.

PIF's are Pay It Forward stamp images from a thread that I'm currently addicted to over on Splitcoast. It's a great concept. It basically comes down to this: Person A posts their stamp list they are willing to stamp images of and mail off to someone. Person B sees the list and is the first to post their request for one of the stamp sets listed. If they are the first to "snag" the image, then they will receive those images in the mail. Then Person B posts their stamp list for all to see. Persons C-Z look and try to be the first to snag an image set from Person B's list. Person B will send those images chosen to Person C. And on and on it goes. It's a great way to get images of different stamp sets or stamp companies like Stamping Bella. Come on over and join the fun!

Here's a PIF image of Blooming Beautiful from the Ocassions mini. I really like this set and was fortunate to get some fabulous images!