Monday, May 5, 2008

A Card Challenge for you

Cards for Heroes is an organization that collects cards and sends them to our military personnel overseas. Some cards are sent to the service people themselves and some are sent blank, so that the service men and women can have something special to send back to their families! I think that this is a great cause!

I'm so thankful knowing there is an oganized group doing this. When Mitch left for Iraq I did a similar thing on a small, local level. I had many people make cards and give them to me to send over to Mitch while he was in Iraq.

My friend Mindy, who I met on the SCS PIF thread, is one of the volunteer mailers. Her goal is to collect 1200 Christmas cards! I'd like to help.

Here's the Challenge: SEND AS MANY CARDS, TO MY FRIEND MINDY YOUNG, AS YOU CAN. SEND THESE CARDS SO THEY ARRIVE IN MINDY'S HANDS ON OR BEFORE MAY16th, 2008. I WILL HAVE A RANDOM DRAW FOR THE BLOG CANDY ON MAY 17th. These can be card fronts that you make into cards or brand new cards you make or some of your old cards you keep in your stash. I do ask, that you only send cards that you would be proud to receive! Mindy's address can be found HERE.

Now, to make this even better, there are two ladies from the PIF thread offering blog candy if you send in the cards. Kim's deadline is May 12th and Alison's deadline is May 16th.

Check out Alison's blog NewStampinAddict for an awesome offering of blog candy. A set of Nestabilities!

Then mosey over to Kim's blog Impress Yourself She is also offering awesome blog candy----cardstock, stamps and Bella images!

If you send in cards for this challenge, make sure that you mark on or include a note inside the box/bag/envelope that the cards are for this challenge and put my name (Falconstamper) on the box/envelope/bag so Mindy knows you learned of this challenge through me. But don't forget to include which blog candy you're sending your cards in for also!

If you send in sets of 10 cards, your name will be entered into one of these blog candy challenges. Just make sure to write my name and which challenge your entering somewhere along with your cards.

Questions? Just ask! I'm off to get my box of cards ready. I made 30 over the weekend and went through my cardfronts and will make those into full cards to send in this week. If you get your cards to me by Friday morning (May 9th), I'll mail them for you!

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