Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Student teacher evaluations

No cards to post today. I've been finishing up my student teacher final observations. Of course being the Queen of Last Minute, I started working on these last night because I'm seeing my three tomorrow morning. So here's a run down of what I should have been working on the past few weeks instead of PIFing over on SCS:

***** The last written observation form for all three ---- completed
***** Final Evaluation Form based on 19 Praxis criteria --- finished all three (first hand-wrote these. Not very professional, so I redid all three in Word. Much better!)

**** Recommendation letters for all three----still to do.

Plenty of time! It's only 4:30! We're meeting tomorrow morning. Plenty of time!

Mama Robin still has eggs, no babies yet. If we're going to have babies, they should arrive this weekend.

So here are a few blogs of some ladies I've met on the PIF thread.

Check out Jada's (hobbywoman)
She has a clean style that I really like.

Pam has been creating these fabulous outfits and jewelry for little girls. Check out her blog

She has an ESTY shop also if you are interested in any of her outfits or jewelry sets.

Sandy is another wonderful PIF friend I've made lately. She has a wonderful clean style of stamping also.
Check out her blog here

I'll get some stamping done tonight. I have a sympathy card to make for Mitch's best bud whose father-in-law suddenly passed away earlier this week.

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Sandy said...

Thanks for "plugging" my blog. I'm going to add a link to your blog from mine.