Thursday, July 17, 2008

A quick update

Ok, so it's July 17th and I haven't posted in over two weeks. It's not that I haven't had things to post--I've been stamping whenever I have a chance. Everytime I go to upload my pictures, the cord to the camera is missing (aka with Mitch at work).

So no pictures right now, but I'll give a quick run down of what I've accomplished the past two weeks.

****One set of Card Candy for Convention (11)
****Both sets of Technique cardfronts (11 each)
****6x6 2-page spread for Convention pictures (11)
****6x6 2-page spread for any occasion (11)
****one set of Christmas cardfronts (11)
****Reagan's name frame for her birthday
****cards for convention buddies/roommates (4)
****projects for Stamp club that focused on the different inks (3)
****PIF image card swap (2 sets, 6 each)

Designed and in various stages of completion:
****6x6 Technique swap for Brayered Sky (20)
****Card Candy (12)
****Over the Top Stamp Camp project/roommate gifts (6 plus 4)

Still need to design:
2 sets of Christmas cardfronts (11 each)

I'm really having a difficult time with the Christmas card ones. But once I figure them out, they will go together quickly. Much will be determined by the fact I've run out of Whisper White CS. I have two-plus packs of Very Vanilla so I'm fine on the cardstock, but it's a bit of a bite to not have WW.

If I have any time, I want to make up a name frame for my new niece that I"ll see for the first time right before I leave for Convention. I also would like to do up a frame of the kids' pictures for my mom's birthday--which is the same weekend as I'll see my niece.

We are heading to Toledo for the Gargac family backyard camp-out at my BIL's house July 25-27. I'm scheduled for jury duty on July 25. Mitch's birthday is July 28 and I leave July 29.

So my deadline for Convention stuff and gifts is a week from today. I forsee some really late nights. I've been getting up when Mitch leaves for work so I have a few hours before the kids wake up to stamp up stuff. Reagan is now old enough to turn on the TV for them so they are content if I'm not downstairs when they wake up. I've also told them that I'll be upstairs stamping any chance I get.

Keep me in your thoughts and send me good stamping vibes!

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Sandy said...

Man, you have been busy ... girl!!

Let me know if you need me to mail you some 1/4 sheets of WW for you swap cards. I'm assuming you need it for the main image, so the whole card base.

I'm so excited that we're going to meet up at Convention.