Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm a SU! Grandma.....WHOOOO HOOOOO!!

Let me start by saying that life is good.

My kids are healthy, doing well in school and usually play well with each other and their friends.

My husband is doing well professionally but has a bit of a cold, but otherwise doing well.

The dogs are still hanging. Max is still fat---those thyroid pills aren't really showing signs of working. Dakota still has that huge bump on her hip and has finished her rounds of meds, so it's back to the vet with her. The Blue Jackets are still on the road to the Playoffs. It's been an exciting season and I've enjoyed being a part of it all fall and winter long.

And on the Stampin' Up! side of life, life is good too! I'm so excited with the response to the latest recruiting promo. Since Chris joined my team, Beth D has also signed up and already has her demo number. I also have one other lady who sent in her paperwork last week and I'm just waiting for SU! to open for the day and get her processed! Once Raquel's paperwork goes through, I'll have 4 demos in my first line. Remember when I said that Chris was having an amazing response? Well, she has already begun building her team and has had two wonderful women join our group!

Chris and I have been discussing plans for this summer getting booths at some of the festivals around town. Theresa is in charge of her community street fest in Sept., so I'll have a booth for that also.

I'm so excited to see where this new development takes me. I am so thankful that I finally stopped trying to determine where God wants me to go. I hope that I realize the opportunities that he puts in my path and go where He'd like me to go.

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