Sunday, August 2, 2009

Packing up/cleaning 52 years worth of life

2 weeks ago my in-laws decided to sell their house and move into a retirement community-----by Labor Day!

That's where the kids and I have been for the past few days. I am so wiped out. My in-laws are doing great, but they are tired and stressed and over-whelmed. I was there for a few days and I was so ready to leave and come home.

Here are some pictures of the almost-clean rooms. I don't have any pictures of the before---it is hard to comprehend the enormity of this venture. These are pictures of the some of the basement rooms. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and there is a small room where Ray kept ceramic tile and tools from when he worked his own tile/plaster business. The wood is in a long, narrow room along the front of the house. There is another small room where Ray kept his plaster molds and more tools.
Then there is the storage room along the back of the house. This is where Bernadine had her canning jars, food, Christmas boxes and other stuff. Ray has more tools and stuff. It's hard to imagine but each room has been cleared of most stuff. The majority has been moved from the basement into the garage, but quite a bit has been taken to new homes or discarded.

Two trips to the recycle bins, two trips to Goodwill, a trailer full of wood and several trailers full of stuff has already been done this week.

Here is a picture of my kids in some costumes that were found in the basement. Brandon would not share the hat or vest--even with Grandpa! He is all set for next year's annual Gargac backyard campout, with the theme of Cowboys and Indians! Cadence is wearing a jumpsuit that was made about 46-47 years ago---for Aunt Kim when she was three and who turns 50 this year! Reagan had a hard time finding something that would fit her. It was either too small or made for someone in their teens. But she persevered and we came home with a large bag full of new-to-us costumes.

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