Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today is our 15th Wedding anniversary.
It's hard to believe that 15 years has passed so quickly. It seems just last year that we bought our house and moved in. We bought the house in Oct. 1995 and moved into the house in Dec. 1996---it was a serious fixer-upper!

I don't have any pictures of us back then or of the house back then on this computer. I'll have to see if I can track down some and share.

Not much has changed for Mitch or I. We have more wrinkles. I have more gray hair and a few more pounds.

Over the years we added onto the house twice: the sunroom/kids' playroom and my craft room. We dug a well and updated most of the plumbing, but still have several large jobs to do. We put in new windows, a new roof, new gutters, ran electric, planted trees, cut down trees. Added three dogs and three kids. Still have two dogs and three kids.

Professionally, it's been a crazy ride. Mitch has been promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel. Together we endured a 14-month separation while he was deployed supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.
I earned my Master's Degree in Curriculum from Ashland University in May, 2001. I taught for 7 years before we began our family. When we began our family, my job was to keep the house together and take care of the children. I joined Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator in April 2005. Keeping the house together is a relative term, because I'm not a very good housekeeper--never was--and I feel like I can have a clean house when the kids are grown and out on their own!

It's amazing how quickly these years have passed. I look forward to the challenges that the next 15, 30, 45 years bring us.

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