Monday, August 30, 2010

The Stamp Sauna and a three-week update

Yep, that was the temp in my stamp room this afternoon. I haven't been in my room for more than three weeks (gasp! I know!) and this is what greeted me when I finally got up there earlier.

Where have I been? OMG! August has been crazy around here. After the katalog kick-off party, it was non-stop!

My Father-in-law Ray's 80th birthday party in Pemberville on Sunday, Aug 8.
Drop Reagan off at Kelly's Island for Military Kid's camp on Monday, Aug. 9, drive home.
Wednesday, Aug. 11 Kim and her boy came over for some stamping.
Thursday, packed up for the weekend in Toledo and the week of camping.
Friday, Aug. 13, the kids, Max the dog and I drove to meet Uncle Tony to get life preservers and pick up Reagan at camp. Head to Aunt Kim's for the weekend. Get to Kim's; all is well. Go get ice cream. All is horrible; Max killed one of Kim's cats while we were gone. His welcome mat for staying there during our trip is revoked. I drive home that night with Max; kids stay with Kim. Arrange for dog sitter while on the road.
Saturday, Aug. 14, tidy up the house and finish packing for trip. Coordinate with neighbor girl for Max; head back to Toledo for Mitch's 25th HS reunion. Kim still has the kids. HS reunion is wonderful and we have a great time.
Sunday, Aug. 15, pack up jeep and head north for our camping trip. Camp at a state park around Grayling--it's COLD!
Monday, Aug. 16, we head north and west to Watersmeet, Michigan.
Tuesday, Aug. 17, we canoe into our campsite and remote camp till Saturday. This one sentence doesn't do the trip justice. It was awesome! Mitch wants to move there.
Saturday, Aug. 21, we canoe back, tour a waterfall and start driving home.
We get home late Sunday night and spend Monday Aug. 23 unpacking, doing laundry and putting stuff away.
Monday night, Aug. 23, kids' meet the teacher night at school.
Tuesday, Aug. 24, first day of school for R and B.

Today was the first day I've been able to get to my stamp room. I've been in cleaning mode since I haven't really done anything all summer--I've been too busy playing with the kids!

Getting ready for the Season's Greetings Stash class tomorrow night. Two of the three cards.


Sandi said...

I love these Monica - especially the Navy snowflake. I have got to get my designs done, so these help me get in the mood!

Michelle said...

I love the snowflake classy!