Thursday, January 29, 2009

My kids went shopping---at Mama's stamp store!

So I'm trying to get organized for my open house this Sunday and I'm pricing my retired sets that will be for sale or Monica's Moolah. What's Monica's Moolah? A fancy way to say you get free stamps of equivelant price when you place an order at the open house.

Ok, so I'm pricing the sets.
Here's the conversation I had with my oldest:
R: Mama, what are you doing?
Me: Pricing sets for sale at my open house on Sunday.

R: Can I buy some?
Me: Do you have any money?

R: Sure, let me go get it.

She comes back with $30.00! Where in the world does a 71/2 old get $30.00?!

So she proceeds to go through all the sets, pricing some out; discarding some cause they are just words. Get this, she haggles with me!

I'm totally loving this as I love to get a good deal. Girl's learning fast and early!

Ok, so she has 5 sets that she'd like. I made her a good deal on several with the understanding that I can use them as needed in the future. She's cool with that and hands over her money. Yep, all $30.00!

Being the good mama I am and not wanting to crush her self-esteem or belief that she got a great deal, I took it and put it in my SU! bag----to buy more stamps.

She proceeds to show her siblings and here comes Baby girl with another set and $1.25.
Into the SU! bag the money goes and everyone is happy. The boy comes in and says he wants to buy his own stamps. Ok, no problem---you have any money?

He gets his money and chooses his set for $1.10. A lovely red rubber set with hearts. And he's beyond thrilled.

I'm thrilled too. They showed wonderful understanding that not everything is free. That I was planning on selling these sets for money, so they never questioned that they would get the sets for free. And they each haggled over the price! I'm so proud!

Of course I took a picture, but no cord to download so it will have to wait.

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