Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello from hot, humid Tennessee!

We are officially on vacation.

We arrived in Crossville, Tennessee late Saturday night. Crossville is about an hour west of Knoxville. We arrived late because we didn't leave the house till 2:30 in the AFTERNOON! Yep, that's what happens when you pack and try to tidy the house Saturday morning.

Yesterday was spent driving around the area to get an idea of what there was to do and where to do it. Shaela and Mom took the kids to the pool while Mitch and I hit Walmart and Lowe's. Mitch was in charge of bringing the grill. He HATES the grill that my mom gave him a few years back---to be fair and honest, it's pretty junky and not very sturdy. So he left it at home. That way it would force him to find another. Hence the trip to Lowe's.
We weren't sure how big Crossville would be, but it is a decent sized town with just about everything.

Happy Father's Day.

It's 9:30 on Monday morning. Everyone else in the family are still asleep, so I'm taking advantage of Mitch's computer. The kids tried to pack as much as they could into the day and are now wiped out.
Me? I've only been up for about 20 minutes. But I didn't pack any stamping stuff, so this quiet house gives me a chance to use Mitch's computer. His "A" letter likes to not type out and it's a bit annoying, but I'm adjusting to it.

I'm trying to not get stressed over the fact that I didn't bring anything to work on this week and have only 3 weeks or so till the Arts Festival. I have the beginnings of several projects that will just need the last final decorative touches to be finished. I know I'll be ready, but I didn't get anything packed in time. Everything seemed so bulky. We brought the golfcart and trailer, so we had the room, but I didn't get anything packed. Oh, well. It's supposed to be a family vacation--not a working one. That's the curse of a procrastintor.

My first box of catties will arrive while I'm gone. This box is for those who are currently in my two clubs or has scheduled a workshop/card class in July. Each lady will receive their complimentary copy of the catalog next week when I deliver their orders.

I'm charging $10.00 for the catalogs this year. This will include a gift certificate for $10.00 applied to your first order.

Here are a few ways to get a FREE Catalog:

1) Schedule a workshop or card class in July or August.
2) Place an online order through my website by June 30 of $40 or more.
3) Reserve your spot in one of the 4 clubs that will start in September.
4) Gather a few orders from your friends and place a qualifying workshop (at least $150.00) earning yourself Hostess rewards and free merchandise.

I'll be posting open house hours later this week where you can pick up your copies of the new catalog and see the new yummy In Colors.

Off for more quality family time.

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