Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a quick late-night HI!

Hey, just a quick HI as everyone is asleep.

I updated the Last Chance Retirement Accessory list.

I'm honestly glad that SU! posts the retirement list early enough for people to look at it and decide when is the best time during the month to get it. I'm also glad that SU! isn't stuck with a ton of merchandise they can't sell once the catalogs change over. Not everyone agrees with my opinion. Many customers are irritated that the catalog doesn't state that many accessories will only be available while supplies last once the list is posted and not to the end date of the catalog.


I'm glad that SU! does this. Inventory control is an imperfect science at best. Predicting the whims and desires of any product would be extremely nerve-wracking. Knowing that if I didn't do my job correctly, I will cost the company millions of dollars. No thanks. Since SU! produces stamp sets in-house, they can offer sets through the end of the month. Accessories are received from outside sources. Everyone knows that ordering in bulk will save you money. However, this isn't the case if you don't use up the product you bought in bulk before having to buy more of the same stuff, just maybe packaged a bit differently.

The fam is still on vacation. I'm hoping to get some pictures downloaded and posted tomorrow. It's been a wonderful time so far.

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Sandi said...

Hi Monica!
Hope you are having fun on your vacation - is it hot where you are at?? Thank goodness for central air here, I don't like this muggy weather. Enjoy yourself, and revive your mojo juices for when you get back so we can see some of your fantastic creations.
P.S. I agree 100% and love the fact we were given more time to buy discontinued product!