Sunday, July 19, 2009

I survived my first outdoor show!

I made it. Yesterday was my first outdoor art show.

Here are some pictures:

Packed up most of the car the night before. Last minute stuff went in in the morning. I finished up several projects Friday night---yep, that's right---another night of late-night stamping.

Grabbed some food and headed out. Vendors were able to start being assigned spots at 7:30. I was in line at 7:50 and I was the 21 vendor in line. That was actually a great number because I was right in the middle, close to the library(the bathroom) and I had a fairly clear sight to the stage that featured dancing and singing acts--including about an hour of bellydancing! Some acts were amazing, while others made you wince. Good times, I tell ya.

The rain put a damper on things, but with the help of my sister, was able to save everything and finish out the day.

I need to work on my set-up a bit more. I need to get more vertical with my dispays, have side walls to protect against the rain, and work a place for my chairs and a small table for my money box and stuff. Thank goodness for my sister. Aside for the invaluable help she provided, it was really nice having someone to talk with and to stay at the booth when I needed a quick break.

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Sandi said...

Hi Monica -- don't know how I missed these pictures as I check out everybody's blog on a daily basis. I really enjoyed looking at your set up -- everything is so neat and visually appealing. Great job and very professional looking (and loved the projects that I could see).