Thursday, July 15, 2010

I should have warned you-----

That once school is out, I go into a summer slow-down. Well, a slow-down in certain areas. Posting seems to be an area that has fallen into that tomorrow category. My SU! newsletters are also in that category--but that's another story.

At the beginning of the summer, we didn't have much on the calendar. That has quickly changed! With the kids a bit older, we seem to split our time between the pool, the movies and bowling. I have to say it's a better gig than going to an office everyday!

The last weekend in June we took the kids out to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois to visit an old family friend who was retiring with 20 years service. I've been to many Army retirements over the years and Steve's Air Force group totally outdid themselves! It was amazing! Then we spent some time sight-seeing in St. Louis. We toured the Arch and the Anheiser-Busch Brewery before heading home.

Then it was the annual Gargac Backyard Camp-out over the 4th of July weekend. We headed up to Toledo and set up camp on Friday. Our hosts, BIL Matt and SIL Jill, sure know how to hold a party. Over the course of the weekend, 76 people visited and 44 camped out at least one night. It was so much fun! I had my camera, but didn't take a single picture during the weekend, but I took this one of the kids on the way home.

Reagan's birthday was next. She seems to get a week of birthday fun.

Yesterday we went to the Madison County Fair. It's a tradition. The kids and I have been every year--even when Mitch was in Iraq. Again, with the kids a bit older, it was so much fun! They rode every ride they could! Aunt Cici went and was the "adult" when the kids weren't quite tall enough to go on their own.

I'll post my stamping projects that I'm working on for Convention tomorrow.

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