Friday, May 1, 2009


I did it.

I applied for my first juried craft show.

The fact that it's my first craft show as a crafter may be a wee bit in there also.

The deadline was last night. I made up some samples the other night, took pictures of them, went to CVS to print. I left the house at 8:10. Left CVS about 8:30 (bought a Diet Coke and three candy bars while I was waiting!), made it over to the Grandview library and wrote everything up on the back of the pictures and had it turned in by 8:45.


On the way home, I realized that I forgot to enclose the check. DOH!

I'm trying to work on those goals of mine. One was to participate in more craft shows, either as a demo or a crafter. I've been researching online and talking with people the past few weeks. I found this show online last week. But in true Monica fashion, I waited to the last minute.

I will find out in a few weeks if I've been accepted or not.

I also have plans to have a table at our local farmer's market during the summer. I've begun taking inventory of my stash to see what can be decorated/altered/made up with what I have on hand. I'll be taking advantage of this month's 12x12 buy three get one free special!

Say a good crafting prayer for me.

But that's not all-----oh, no!

Yesterday I scored all the cardstock for the card bases. I have 23 card kits to make up by Sunday. I'm so pleased with the response I received for this fundraiser. I hope that everyone enjoys their cards.

So I'm off. I'll update on that project later.

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Anonymous said...

Could you share the photos of the projects you entered for the craft show? I'd love to see what you cam up with. Good luck!