Friday, January 8, 2010

A Christmas gift from my husband

This is the carrying case for a portable light box. This is not a gift that everyone would like to receive, but I was very touched that my husband gave me a portable light box. It includes two lamps, 4 different colors of backdrops and the light box.

Just like my front-loading washer and dryer I received the year my son was born for Mother's Day. When I was younger I would have been horrified by the thought of receiving appliances as a gift----but he noticed I was doing more laundry with 4 people in the house (at the time) and the drying element in the dryer wasn't working well. He didn't want to fix the dryer (even though he can), so he looked for a solution to both problems. He had also recently been promoted to Captain, and he used some of the raise he got to pay for it. I appreciate how much simpler doing laundry is now thanks to that machine. If it fits in the washer, it gets washed. And I LOVE the man that gave it to me.

The light box is the same way. It will be a gift that I use on a regular basis. And I will think of him each time I use it.


Sandi said...

How nice Monica!! Yes, it was totally sweet of your hubby to get this for you. I have been thinking about getting myself -- but maybe I will put it on my birtday list.

Jacki said...

That was a great gift Monica :) What a sweet hubby. I'll be looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations after using your new toy :)