Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm getting closer

So I figured out how to upload the blog banner. But the whole pixel thing is still eluding me.

Honestly, I know there is a way to do all this with My Digital Studio. I've seen it on blogs, so I know it can be done. But when you start talking HTML codes and pixels, I need to bring in my husband. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that yet.

So the blog banner will stay the wrong size, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I love the fact I can change up the banner to suite my whims or the seasons.

My sister and BIL are taking ALL THREE KIDS FOR AN OVERNIGHT tonight. Originally we were going to see Brad Paisley in concert, but I choose to get tickets to Martina McBride and Trace Adkins instead in Feb. But my sister was all set to take the kids, so we kept the date. Mitch and I still haven't decided what we are going to do, but that's ok. I'm ok with not having any real plans. Brad Paisley is still an option. Dinner and Avatar in 3D is also. Life is good.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

well, you are one step closer than me. I cannot even figure out MDS!